ICING Women’s Event is where thousands of women come together in Dallas/Fort Worth a for two days of practical biblical teaching, entertainment and many other surprises. Each year, Terri Savelle Foy ignites the dreams and goals inside of women from all over the world and gives them the tools they need to pursue what’s inside of them. 


You’ll leave ICING Women’s Event with a step-by-step plan to go after your dreams both in a spiritual realm and in a physical realm. 

You’ll also leave with NEW goal-oriented friends from all over the world that have one mission in life: to pursue their God-given calling and live their dreams. 


This is not your typical women’s event. Not only is ICING filled with cupcakes, pink hair and all things sweet, but you actually get a chance to be a part of helping us rescue young women off the streets. From prostitution to self harm, we’ll bring in girls’ homes and safe houses to be apart of ICING 2019 all thanks to our generous friends and sponsors.

Each young women will leave with Terri’s resources and a bag of goodies so they can make their dreams bigger than their memories.



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If you’re at a place in your life where you don’t want this year to be a repeat of this past year, than ICING is for you. If you have BIG dreams and goals but you’re not sure how to go after them in you’re day-to-day life, than ICING is for you. If you are locked in the memories of your painful past and you’re ready to get free and pursue the plans God has for you, than ICING is for you.

Each year, we see ICING Women’s Event help anyone from the girl just rescued out of prostitution to the multi-millionaire who owns three business. We promise you will feel loved and embraced when you’re at ICING no matter who you are or what you’ve been through.


Right off the bat, be expecting pink… and cupcakes. From pink wigs, pink balloons and pink aprons to pink cupcakes, pink bags and so much more pink.

ICING is a Friday night, Saturday morning event with entertainment such as DJ’s, dancers and praise and worship through out.

Terri will share a three part teaching based around pursuing your God-given dreams and goals… you can expect to have a “sweet” time at ICING Women’s Event.

Before coming to Icing, I struggled with not feeling loved. I had my suicide planned and good-bye letter written. I didn’t know the impact of Icing could be so great. I immediately felt the love of Jesus. Everyone was so kind and loving. I was encouraged by Terri’s messages and felt God’s love all weekend. I knew then that I was loved and God had plans for my future. I am truly grateful for the love that I felt that weekend, it literally saved my life.

Anonymous / ICING 2018

I travelled to Texas from New York with my teen daughter and co-worker. My co-worker gave her life to Christ that weekend at the ICING conference. Thank you for making your cds so reasonable at the table outside. I was able to buy a few and gave them out at DFW airport to folks who asked me, “why did you come to Texas for 24 hours?” Once I shared my weekend at ICING they asked me for your name. I gave out your cds and asked them to listen and share with others. I know God is doing something great. Thank you, Terri, for your obedience and awesome ministry.

Ileana / ICING 2018

It was my first time attending ICING. Prior to the conference I had been struggling with “mind over mattress” and I was having difficulty maximizing my mornings. But when I heard you you speak and compared getting out of bed ? by counting backwards like a rocket ?, it hit me! And now In the mornings when I awake, I say, 5…4…3…2…1…blast off, I’m up praise God!!!! I am convinced that if I had not been obedient and attended your conference, I would have missed out on improving the rest of my life and fulfilling the call of God. Thank you Miss Terri Savelle Foy. I praise My Heavenly Father for you

Gloria / ICING 2018


When is the next ICING?

The next ICING Women’s Event will be in October 2019 (dates to be determined).

Where is ICING?

ICING Women’s Event is in Fort Worth, TX (venue to be determined).

What do I wear at ICING?

While most women will be wearing their pinkest, frilliest and girliest outfit… business/ casual is perfect!

How long is ICING?

ICING Women’s Event is a Friday night/ Saturday morning 2-day event.